CISCO AND CISCO PRODUCTIONS, INC. - We Produce Meaningful Events!           501(c)(3)
Cisco And Cisco Productions produces events to promote breast cancer awareness in at-risk communities. These meaningful events and programs emphasize prevention, early detection and early intervention. Our goal is to bring the information in an innovative, fun and creative way by using grass-roots outreach and inter-generational activities to accomplish our goal. All of our  programs are structured around the needs of men and women and promote wellness. All events provide a unique experience while educating individuals and families on health-related issues. 
To Empower men and women by providing seminars, support groups, and educational activities to make healthy choices. To Show what men and women of all ages can accomplish when faced with common goals. To Celebrate Life! Throughout the year, recognize deserving individuals for their efforts, gifts and talents in promoting Cancer awareness in their communities. 

Join us October 21, 2017 for our Annual Celebration of Life! 
For ticket and sponsorship information, contact or call 708-613-0739.

Cisco And Cisco Productions is a federally registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.